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Interested in being a debate judge? We’d love to have you. Here at MDUDL, we often offer judge training in the mornings of each of our events so see our tournament calendar and click the link of which shift you’d like to sign up for.

Our next debate is January 18th, 2023 from 9am-6pm EST and we have two shift options for judges. Shift ONE is 9am-1pm and Shift TWO is 2pm-6pm. There will be a judge training before the first shirt and an awards ceremony after the last one, these are non-mandatory for judges, but encouraged. 

We also offer monthly judge trainings to ensure our judges are confident and prepared to judge. We can schedule trainings as requested. 

MDUDL Judge Reference Guide:  Use this guide to get acquainted with the speech times and elements of debate to get a headstart before the training.

MDUDL Judge Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Program calendar

SY2021-2022 Listed Below. SY2022-2023 is coming soon!


Tournament Two One- October 17th

Tournament Two- November 14th

Tournament Three- December 12th

Tournament Four- January 16th 

Tournament Five- February 13th 

Tournament Six- March 13th 

Professional Developments & Student Workshops

Orientation 1: Introduction to the Criminal Justice Topic and MDUDL Files - October 7th

Orientation 2: Debating Virtually & Paperless- October 8th

Orientation 3: Judge Training and Practice Debate Round- October 9th

How to Join the League


If you are a school administrator, interested in starting a debate team at your school, please contact Cydney Edwards, our Program Director at to get started. Feel free to browse:


Sample Debate Tournament Schedule



Prospective schools

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